Mindo Lindo

Mindo Lindo is a private nature reserve and is situated in northwestern Ecuador’s cloud forest on the slopes of the Western Andes at an elevation of 5.570 ft. The farm is 28 acres in size and is managed sustainably. 16 acres are secondary forest, flourishing after nearly 30 years of recovery from stressful cattle ranching. The farm now features a network of trails providing access to many areas. The remaining 12 acres are partially reforested with native species.  We have a vegetable garden with many different aromatic herbs fertilized with pure natural compost.  Nearby are numerous flower-beds and our Environmental Training Center. In spite of the reserve’s modest size, its biodiversity in flora and fauna is impressive. Through 2015, we have counted 220 species of birds (including 28 species of hummingbirds) and 23 species of mammals. Our reptile list is still short and the identification of the flora is in process. There are several hummingbird feeders that provide constant entertainment for guests relaxing on the veranda. In addition, birding enthusiasts can enjoy many tanagers and toucans visiting the fruit-feeding platform.