We live as we are convinced – actively involved as nature conservationists since over 30 years!

We, Pedro Peñafiel (Ecuadorian) and Heike Brieschke (German), live permanently in Mindo Lindo with our daughters Edith and Manuela. We speak Spanish, German and English. Pedro, professional carpenter and woodworker, has spent more than 30 years working in nature conservation. Pedro initiated the Protected Forest of Mindo Nambillo Declaration. Heike has a PHD in biology & ornithology. She has conducted avifaunal studies and guides ornithological tours since more than ten years throughout Ecuador. Since 2016 Heike is bord member of the Mindo Cloud Forest Foundation

Puntos Verdes

Since 1995 we actively work as “Puntos Verdes” in conservation and environmental education. Main elements of our work are:

  • Conservation of private natural forests (so called 'Green Spots' = Puntos Verdes)
  • Environmental education for sustainable management of renewable resources (target groups: students, farmers, NGOs and local decision makers)
  • Reforestation with local tree species of degraded former forest plots
  • Scientific Research

Puntos Verdes is based in the private Cloud forest Reserve Mindo Lindo. The environmental training center of Mindo Lindo is used for workshops, seminars and classes. Practical activities are performed in the forest, garden, tree nursery and other areas of interest nearby.

Puntos Verdes cooperates with the Institute for Biodiversity (ibn) in Germany. If you are willing to support our work you can do so by giving a donation to ibn (reference: Puntos Verdes). Thank you very much!