Forest - Climate Project 'Puntos Verdes'

Deforestation of tropical forests over the last decades is not only responsible for a dramatic loss of biological diversity but also contributes significantly to the rise of CO2 emissions. The forest - climate project which started in 2012 aims at reforestation of at least 26 ha of tropical rain forest in northern Ecuador, close to Mindo Lindo. Every planted tree fixes carbon. One single hectare of tropical forest thus can take up 500 tons of CO2. This amount equals the emissions of 2 Million kilometers of car driving. The reforestation takes place in one of the global biodiversity hotspots and additionally to the benefit of carbon fixation the planting of local tree species creates habitats for many endangered species, including epiphytic plants and animals. For example, the region is home to 30 species of hummingbirds. The reforestation is done following strong international standards which include not only climate issues but also social aspects. Environmental education for students and adults in Mindo Lindo and a tree nursery are part of the project. Scientific advice and political support by Ecuadorian and German administrations and organisations ensure the long term success of the project.
You will find more information on the project in our leaflet (in German) Projekt-Broschüre.

You can actively support this project

Via the climate fund (Klimaschutzfonds) of the Energy and Climate Agency Karlsruhe you can obtain a number of CO2 certificates which are tested by an independent referee and thus balance your own CO2 emissions. Or you can engage directly: please contact us to help you integrate your contribution into the forest - climate project Puntos Verdes.