Ecuadorian birds

Ecuador is one of the world’s 17 “Mega-Diversity countries”. These countries harbour more than 70% of all terrestrial species and therefore account for a huge part of global biodiversity. No other country (in relation to its surface area) has so many species of plants and animals as Ecuador – which is after all a rather small country of about 280,000 km². In terms of its area, you can compare Ecuador with West-Germany before reunification or with the US-state of Nevada. So far, more than 1,660 bird species have been recorded in Ecuador, more than in Europe and North-America put together. Of these, 33 species are endemics (25 on the Galapagos Islands, 8 on the continent), 5 species are critically endangered, and 17 species are endangered (status as at 2012). In cooperation with experienced travel organisations I offer bird watching tours in English, German, and Spanish for continental Ecuador. We have developed these tours together in order to offer you a high number of bird species without too much physical effort involved. Depending on the tour we will be observing by car, on foot or by canoe (Amazon region). The tours will take us from sea-level altitude up to more than 4,000 m into the different ecosystems of the country. Apart from the many bird species you will experience the vast plant diversity and some of the overwhelming landscapes that Ecuador has to offer. Even if the birds are enjoying their siesta there is always something else for us to enjoy, too: plants, insects, mammals, and the scenery around.