Some information about me

I grew up in the countryside close to the small town of Bonn, Germany. Already in my childhood I was interested in birds. I studied biology in Bonn and did my doctor’s degree in ornithology in Frankfurt/Main. The doctoral studies in situ I undertook in South Africa where I studied sunbirds’ biology for about one year. Having finished my doctorate I worked in the ornithological department of the Natural Museum and Research Institute Alexander Koenig/Bonn. During this time I was sent to Colombia (Río Anchicayá) in order to direct a Scientific Field Station for 2 years. In 1993 they sent me to Ecuador to continue my field studies and during that year I got to know my husband-to-be Pedro. Since then I have been exploring Ecuador’s bird life, carrying out monthly monitoring studies in our cloud forest reserve of Mindo Lindo and guiding bird watchers from all over the world in the different ecosystems of this amazing country.