Bird life in Venezuela – a first glimpse

Wir sind noch lange nicht fertig

Llanos Los Robles (photo: Heike Brieschke)

Gray-necked Wood-rail (photo: Heike Brieschke)

Pied Water-tyrant (photo: Heike Brieschke)

Green ibis (photo: Heike Brieschke)

Russet-throated Puffbird (photo:Heike Brieschke)

Sunbittern (photo:Heike Brieschke)

Black-collared Hawk (photo:Heike Brieschke)

In February I had the opportunity to visit my friend Cornelia Leiter – whom I know from the curate seminars – in Venezuela. This visit was the result of her wish to establish a nature tourism project on the Fundo (in Ecuador this would be called a Hacienda) of her family. One of the target groups are bird watchers. That’s why I was “recruited” in order to do a first bird survey on the property. Therefore I packed my bag and arrived on February, 15th and stayed the first night at Cornelia’s city apartment in Venezuela. The next day we drove the long distance southwards to the Apure province which borders with Colombia’s northeast frontier. The dominant habitat type is Llano that is extensive grass plains with scattered bushes and gallery forest along the river courses. During the rainy season there are extensive lagoons, too. But I was there during the dry season and had to endure a plague of ticks. Nevertheless I spent 2 full days on the hacienda and achieved a list of 118 bird species – most of them were new to me. My first impression is very positive. A visit to Fundo “Los Robles” is really very worthwhile for bird watchers. In order to extend this list I have to come back in the rainy season – something what I would really love to do.

Bird list Fundo (PDF)