Environmental training centre (Photo: Pedro Peñafiel)

The construction itself was financed by donations. One part was from the Peñafiel Brieschke family itself, another big part from Heike’s former Protestant Church in Germany (Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Bonn-Holzlar). Pedro’s time and working effort was and is always free of charge. Though the four-storied building is not finished yet, we already use it.
Since 2010 we conduct workshops and seminars on different environmental topics. There are two big dormitories where a group of up to 20 people can stay. Two separate rooms are suitable for up to 4 accompanying persons (e.g. teachers). More about environmental education in Mindo Lindo.

Inside the Ecocentre
(Photo: Pedro Peñafiel?
Visiting the tree nursery
(Photo: Pedro Peñafiel)